What is the role of AusTAB?

AusTAB accredits Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Programs (FPTP) and their educational staff. Accreditation is to a shared global standard, in accordance with international standards and in close relationship with other TABs.

The overarching role of AusTAB is to oversee the quality of training in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs in the Austral-Asia region. It does this by accrediting

  • professional Feldenkrais Method teacher training programmes, and
  • educational personnel: trainers and assistants.
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Professional Training Programs

Training Program proposals are reviewed for curriculum quality and content.
The four international TABs work collaboratively to maintain the internationally agreed Training Accreditation Guidelines (TAGs).  A ‘TAB accredited Feldenkrais Professional Training Program‘ is a recognised qualification throughout the worldwide Feldenkrais Method

Accreditation of Training Programs includes ensuring the sustainability of a training program and ongoing monitoring for the duration of the Training program for compliance with accreditation requirements and standards.  Students from accredited trainings are eligible to join their local national Guilds.

Educational Personnel

A primary role of AusTAB is to assess and accredit applications from practitioners who wish to apply as Feldenkrais Method Assistant Trainers and Trainers. Trainer applications are assessed in collaboration with the other four global TABs.

International Projects

AusTAB collaborates on international projects which develop the Method and its teachings. Contributions are open to all practitioners.

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Please visit the respective pages for all guidelines and lists of current Trainings, Trainers and Assistant Trainers in our region.