AusTAB doesn’t have information about individual practitioners. This information is typically held by the Professional Association in each country. A comprehensive list of Guilds can be found on our FAQs page, and the IFF Website. The Australian Feldenkrais Guild website has a list of Practitioner members and their classes on their website.

To become a Feldenkrais Method Practitioner you must attend and complete an accredited Training Program.

AusTAB accredits Training Programs but does not run actual trainings. Visit our list of Trainings to find available trainings about to commence. Contact the Training organiser directly for all details.

Visit our list of current Trainings. Contact the Organiser to check their Visiting Practitioner availability.

All Trainings listed on this website are accredited.

View our Application pages for Assistant Trainers and Trainers to download the information and criteria for application. 

Click here to find all of the information you need to apply to run an accredited Feldenkrais Training Program. The process can take a few months so please apply well in advance of your proposed start date.

All confirmed Trainees authorised to teach ATM are encouraged to join their local Guild. Guilds have various sites supporting members’ activities.

No. Your Training Organiser/Administrator will issue you with a FPTP Graduation Certificate. You may need to show this when applying for your local Guild Membership.  

Your Training Organiser/Administrator also submits a list of Graduates to AusTAB for their records. AusTAB shares this list with the respective Guilds where students are located. If you change countries, you can provide your FPTP Graduation Certificate to prove eligibility for membership.   

A Guild is the local professional organisation – usually geographically bounded (e.g. The Australian Feldenkrais Guild or The New Zealand Guild). Membership is based on proof of graduation from an accredited FPTP, or Student Membership may be available for those currently enrolled in an FPTP. International membership may be available as an Affiliate.

Membership usually confers access to library resources, continuing education, peer-support, newsletters and advocacy. Guild activities vary from one country to another.

TABs are Training and Accreditation Boards. There are 4 globally – AusTAB (Austral-Asia); EuroTAB (Europe, Israel, and UK); D-TAB (Germany); NATAB (the Americas). They accredit training programs and faculty, based on international guidelines. They do not register individual members.

IFF – the International Feldenkrais Federation – is the international peak organisation for the Feldenkrais Method. Its members are predominantly the Guilds and TABs.

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