Meet your local Trainers

Currently there are now five Trainers in Australia, many of whom also act as Educational Directors of Training Programs.

We welcome Jenni Evans who has recently been accredited as a Trainer.
With many new Assistant Trainers across our region we look forward to welcoming more new Trainers in the coming years.

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Julie Peck, Australia

Trainer accreditation in 2003
Educational Director since 2006

Jenni Evans, Australia

Trainer accreditation in 2024
Assistant Trainer since 2013
Training Administrator since 2005

Stephanie Spink, Australia

Trainer accreditation in 2010
Educational Director since 2014

Susan Hillier, Australia

Trainer accreditation in 2012
Educational Director since 2017

Zoran Kovich, Australia

Trainer accreditation in 2013
Educational Director since 2017

Assistant Trainers in our Region

Introducing our accredited Assistant trainers. To learn more about each of them, click on their name to visit their websites.


Jillian Alsford, Janet Auret, Lisa Campbell, Jenni Evans, Bronwyn Fewster, Ruth Frommer, Ralph Hadden, David Hall, Catherine Hamber, Margaret Kaye, Chris Lambert, Margaret Mayo, Lena Rosenberg, Tanya Saxon, Maggie Slattery, Kate Tremlett, Ingrid Weisfelt


Yasuko Kasami, Yoko Kudo, Mari Minato

New Zealand

Beverley Barclay, Thomas Spring, David Sullivan, Caryn Truppman, Gisella Warmenhoven


Pei-Jen Tsai