The Australasian Training and Accreditation Board is governed by the Australian Feldenkrais Guild. 

This page provides a ready reference to key governance documents and processes of regulations and statutes. 

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AFG Constitution & By-Laws

The AFG Constitution was created in 1999 and revised in 2018. The By-Laws were ratified in 2006. AusTAB’s aims and responsibilities are listed under Part 3, Clause 26.

AusTAB Extract, from AFG Constitution

AusTAB Policy and Procedures

AusTAB’s Policies and Procedures are an extensive set of guidelines developed for practitioners, teachers and students. They are regularly reviewed and updated in line with changing needs of the Feldenkrais Method community.

Standards of Practice

Ensure the professionalism and competence of all practitioners, teachers and students. They include a detailed description of what to expect from a Feldenkrais Method teacher.

Standards of Practice