Are you interested in leading a Training segment?

If education is your passion, and you are an Accredited Assistant Trainer who meets the eligibility criteria, you are encouraged to consider applying to become a Trainer. The Feldenkrais Method Training guidelines embed a diversity of trainers. AusTAB encourages applications from each member country to ensure the diversity of educational personnel matches the growth of the Feldenkrais Method in new countries.

Contact a Board member to discuss any queries you may have about your application.

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How to become a Trainer Candidate/Trainer

Eligibility criteria

Trainer Candidacy is a process of transition; it is meant for those actively seeking full trainer certification. There are two stages in the process of applying to become a trainer.

  • The first stage is to fulfill the criteria necessary to enter the “trainer candidacy phase”.

    Part 1 – submit quantitative teaching data, case studies, trainer recommendations,

    Part 2 – The second phase is to work with a guidance committee to fulfill and demonstrate “trainer competencies”.

  • The second stage to become a Trainer is to fulfill more detailed criteria. This includes submitting written activities, and further teaching activities.
  • For highly experienced Assistant Trainers (as defined by international guidelines) there is the possibility of a fast-tracked process within the Trainer Candidacy period. The criteria are outlined in the Guidelines.

Application Process

Start your process by reviewing the Internationally agreed Trainer Candidacy/Trainer Guidelines.

Please follow the Guidelines to structure your responses into a MS Word or Pdf document.

Submit your Application to
An Invoice will be sent to you once your Application has been received.

Trainer Guidelines & Documents

How to become an Educational Director

Eligibility criteria

There is no specific application process for Educational Directors. Criteria is based on experience and expertise. Internationally recognised criterion is 2 years as a Trainer in accredited Training Programs.