The role of AusTAB for Enrolled Students

AusTAB’s role is to accredit and govern Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs (FPTP).  As these are individual private businesses, AusTAB only has an indirect link with enrolled students through their Program Organiser and Educational Director.

Prospective Students are encouraged to contact directly their Training of choice, listed on the Current Trainings page.

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AusTAB welcomes to the Feldenkrais community students enrolled in Feldenkrais Professional Training Programs.

Students will not ordinarily have a direct engagement with AusTAB during their traineeship and their early careers.  However, students should be reassured that AusTAB works closely with a Training administration and educational team for the duration of the training to ensure the best outcomes for students during their training.

Students can see on these pages the detailed standards established for trainings, and teaching staff.  Individual trainings may, and will, differ in format and exact content.  However the standards of teaching, and the learning outcomes and competencies for students have been developed as international benchmarks for all trainings across the world.

AusTAB oversees trainings in the Asia-pacific region (currently Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and China).  There are corresponding accrediting bodies for other world regions: NATAB for North America, EuroTAB for the European region, and D-TAB for Germany.  Links to each of these bodies can be found on the Links page of this website.

All students enrolled in an FPTP are eligible for student associate membership of their respective local guild or association.  With the growing number of trainings in our region, and with varying access to resources, we hope both the AFG and AusTAB websites help students engage with and facilitate your entry into the professional Feldenkrais community.

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Communications with the Board

AusTAB is mindful that students are essential participants in the training process. AusTAB extends an invitation to enrolled students to contact AusTAB members with governance queries and insights, both during your period as a student, and in your future roles as practitioners.

AusTAB is continually engaging in and leading international discussions on streamlining governance to ensure outcomes are the most effective and beneficial in developing the Feldenkrais community.

We especially welcome new ideas for projects which could benefit students.

Should students have governance concerns, they should consult the Student Grievance Procedure, and follow the guidelines to resolve the matter in a safe and respectful manner.

You are invited to contact a Board member at

Student Transfers

Undertaking a Feldenkrais Professional Training Program requires a significant personal commitment. The FPTP Training Guidelines allow for ad hoc days to be missed, and your FPTP Educational Director will devise a Make-Up plan for you. This plan does not require you to apply for a Transfer to another Training.

However, for many reasons, occasionally students are not able to complete their Training in one continuous timeline. If you need to take a longer break in your training, please discuss this with your FPTP Organiser and Educational Director. They will guide you as to how best to maintain your Educational credit, so you can later resume your training at another FPTP.

AusTAB has created a template to enable your original ‘home’ Training to provide your Training Educational record to the Educational Director of another subsequent Training when you wish to complete your Training. This information provides guidance to your new Educational Director to know what segments you need to successfully complete to gain accreditation at the end of your new training.

The FPTP Guidelines (Point 29m) state that you have up to 7 years to complete your training.

Student Transfer Template