Members of the Board

Membership of the Australasian Training and Accreditation Board is broadly representational of members in our region. AusTAB Board members are experienced practitioners from diverse backgrounds who volunteer their time and are committed to the ongoing development and professionalism of the Feldenkrais Method. Practitioners interested in participating on the Board or on Projects are encouraged to contact the Board.

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Susan Hillier

Chairperson Educational Director, Trainer Australia

Susan Hillier works in academia – researching and teaching in clinical neuroscience. She has a small private practice offering the Feldenkrais Method to adults and children.

Yoko Kudo

Assistant Trainer

Gisella Warmenhoven

Assistant Trainer
New Zealand

Ruth Frommer

Assistant Trainer

Ruth Frommer is an Aikido Instructor (6th Dan Black Belt). She has a Feldenkrais Practice and Aikido School in Melbourne. In her spare time Ruth enjoys cycling, hiking and travelling.